Evening Sunset Over Lake Tekapo New Zealand for Dramatic Wallpaper
Evening Sunset Over Lake Tekapo New Zealand for Dramatic Wallpaper

Lake Tekapo New Zealand

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Allpicts.in – What a dramatic place it is. This is the Lake Tekapo, New Zealand. Lake Tekapo, located in New Zealand’s South Island, is a truly dramatic place. As the second-largest of three lakes in the region, it runs along the northern edge of the Mackenzie Basin. Covering an area of 83 square kilometers (32 sq mi) and sitting at an altitude of 700 meters (2,300 ft) above sea level, Lake Tekapo offers stunning natural beauty.

This picturesque lake attracts many tourists, thanks to its breathtaking watercolor and its proximity to the Southern Alps. The shores of Lake Tekapo feature a gravel beach with trees and grassy areas further inland, creating a scenic backdrop for recreational activities. It is a popular spot for swimming and boating during the summer months.

Additionally, the lake is home to several resort hotels, providing visitors with comfortable accommodations amidst this remarkable setting. Whether you’re interested in exploring nature, taking in stunning views, or simply enjoying the tranquility of this unique destination, Lake Tekapo offers an unforgettable experience.

How to get to Lake Tekapo New Zealand

To get to Lake Tekapo in New Zealand, you have a few transportation options depending on your starting point:

  1. By Air: The nearest major airport to Lake Tekapo is Christchurch International Airport, located about 227 kilometers (141 miles) away. From the airport, you can rent a car or take a shuttle service to Lake Tekapo.

  2. By Car: If you prefer driving, you can rent a car from Christchurch or other nearby cities and follow State Highway 1 to Lake Tekapo. The drive takes approximately 3 hours from Christchurch.

  3. By Bus: There are bus services that operate between Christchurch and Lake Tekapo. Intercity and Atomic Shuttles are popular bus providers that offer regular services to Lake Tekapo.

  4. By Tour: If you prefer a guided tour, there are several tour operators that offer day trips or multi-day tours to Lake Tekapo from Christchurch. This option allows you to sit back and enjoy the scenic journey without worrying about navigation.

Once you reach Lake Tekapo, there are various local transportation options available, such as rental cars, taxis, and shuttle services, to explore the area and move around.

Please note that it’s always recommended to check transportation schedules and availability before your trip, especially during peak tourist seasons.

Hotels in Lake Tekapo New Zealand

Here are some hotels in Lake Tekapo, New Zealand:

  1. Peppers Bluewater Resort: This luxury resort offers stunning lake views and comfortable accommodations. It features spacious rooms, a restaurant, a bar, and a spa. Website

  2. Lake Tekapo Village Motel: Located in the heart of the village, this motel provides cozy rooms and convenient access to the lake. It offers fully equipped kitchens, private bathrooms, and free Wi-Fi. Website

  3. Lakefront Lodge Backpackers: Perfect for budget travelers, this lodge offers affordable dormitory-style and private rooms. It provides communal kitchen facilities, a lounge area, and laundry services. Website

  4. Tekapo Heights: Situated on a hill, this bed and breakfast offers panoramic views of the lake and mountains. It features spacious rooms with private balconies, a communal lounge, and a garden. Website

  5. Mantra Lake Tekapo: This modern apartment-style accommodation offers self-contained units with kitchenettes and laundry facilities. It also provides a heated outdoor pool, a hot tub, and BBQ facilities. Website

Please note that availability may vary, so it’s recommended to check the hotel’s website or contact them directly for the most up-to-date information. Enjoy your stay in Lake Tekapo!

Lake Tekapo Wallpapers

One of the best places to take pictures in Lake Tekapo is the Church of the Good Shepherd. This iconic church is situated on the shores of the lake, providing a stunning backdrop for your photographs. The picturesque landscape, with the Southern Alps in the distance, creates a truly breathtaking scene. Additionally, the lupin fields that bloom during the summer months add vibrant colors to your shots. Don’t miss the opportunity to capture the beauty of Lake Tekapo from this remarkable spot. Moreover, here is the gallery of wallpapers of Lake Tekapo.

Evening Sunset Over Lake Tekapo

To truly capture the essence of Lake Tekapo, I have included a stunning image of an evening sunset over the lake as a dramatic wallpaper. Feel free to use this picture as part of your personal wallpaper collection. If you want to discover more lake wallpapers, you can explore our gallery by following the link provided. Lake Tekapo is truly a gem worth visiting and cherishing.

Especially captured by Shanan Crow with his Sony Alpha ILCE-7RM2 and several settings including FE 16-35mm F4 ZA OSS lens, 16mm Focal Length, 1/20 Exposure, f/11 F Number, and 8000 ISO number. So, the result is this awesome picture. I hope this lake picture can be one of the best wallpaper collections for you. Feel free to use this picture as your private collection.

Evening Sunset Over Lake Tekapo New Zealand for Dramatic Wallpaper
Evening Sunset Over Lake Tekapo New Zealand for Dramatic Wallpaper


Church of the Good Shepherd Near Lake Tekapo

The Church of the Good Shepherd is a famous landmark located near Lake Tekapo on the South Island of New Zealand. The church was built in 1935 as a place of worship for the local sheep farmers and the growing number of tourists visiting the area. It’s a small stone church with a charming and simple design, meant to blend in with the natural beauty of the surroundings. Because of its picturesque location and significance as a cultural and historical site, the Church of the Good Shepherd has become an iconic destination for travelers and photographers visiting New Zealand.

Church of the Good Shepherd near Lake Tekapo
Church of the Good Shepherd near Lake Tekapo


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