Lebron James Shoes Wallpaper with Nike LeBron 15
Lebron James Shoes Wallpaper with Nike LeBron 15

LeBron James Shoes Wallpaper with Nike LeBron 15 Rear View

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I love to share you this wallpaper, one of the most favorite LeBron James shoes wallpaper by Nike. I recommend you to apply this wallpaper as an option background for your PC Desktop or laptop. All wallpapers are designed in cool and high resolution. So, they can be perfect for customizing your gadget.

This is a wallpaper of LeBron James shoes with close up rear view picture of Nike LeBron 15. This wallpaper is featured with a detail view of Nike LeBron 15, the 2017-18 LeBron James Nike Shoes. This wallpaper also configured in high resolution with 1920×1080 pixels, so it can be an awesome background for widescreen device. I recommend you to download this photo in initial size, and you will get this photo in pixels and set this picture as a background.

Furthermore, LeBron Raymone James, is an American basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers of the NBA. His position is Forward, and now, He has been ranked as one of America’s most influential and popular athletes. Some sports analysts and publications said about his performance, that by standing at six feet, eight inches tall and weighing 250 pounds, James has been called the best physical specimen in sports.

Before playing his first regulation game for the NBA, James had signed deals with Nike and other corporations for multimillion-dollar product endorsements. Before he completed his rookie time in the NBA, sportswriters were discussing his chances of joining the most elite players in history in the Basketball Hall of Fame. During 2003, prior to his graduation from high school, James declared himself eligible for the NBA draft, the annual process by which professional basketball teams choose new players to sign up them for the next season.

The Cleveland Cavaliers chose James, with the understandable expectation that this eighteen-year-old would lead the team to greatness. While James’s first season with the Cavs did not exactly push them to a championship, he did help out his team win twice the number of games as they had the year before, and at the last part of the 2003–04 season, James was named Rookie of the Year. For the period of his rookie season, attendance for Cavs home games increased by fifty percent from the previous season.

In a sponsorship contract that will pay James more than any other basketball player except Michael Jordan, Nike signed the player to a seven-year, $90 million contract. As for his corporate sponsors, Nike released the first shoe endorsed by James, the Air Zoom Generation, in December of 2003. James has frequently uttered what has become a sort of motto: “I can handle it.”

Moreover, I would like to share you this data of Nike LeBron James Shoe Line:
2003-04 – Air Zoom Generation
2004-05 – Zoom LeBron II
2005-06 – Zoom LeBron III
2006-07 – Zoom LeBron IV
2007-08 – Zoom LeBron V
2008-09 – Air Max LeBron VI
2009-10 – Air Max LeBron VII
2010-11 – Air Max LeBron 8
2011-12 – LeBron 9
2012-13 – LeBron X
2013-14 – LeBron 11
2014-15 – LeBron 12
2015-16 – LeBron 13
2016-17 – LeBron 14
2017-18 – Nike LeBron 15

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Lebron James Shoes Wallpaper with Nike LeBron 15
LeBron James Shoes Wallpaper with Nike LeBron 15