Close Up Photo of Fresh Red and White Rose Flower for Smartphone Background
Close Up Photo of Fresh Red and White Rose Flower for Smartphone Background

Free Rose Flower Photos and Wallpapers for Smartphones and Desktop Backgrounds

Posted on – There are more than 50 rose flower photos and wallpapers in this article. All the pictures are free to download. You can select your favorite rose flower images for customizing your phone backgrounds or your desktop backgrounds.

As one of the most favorite flowers in the world, there are several interesting facts about this flower.

Rose Flower Facts

  • The genus Rosa has some 150 species
  • “black rose” is not actually black, it is a very dark red
  • the largest rose ever is Nikita K. Rulhoksoffski from San Onofre California bred
  • Juliet is the world’s most expensive rose cultivar

Rose Flower Meanings

Commonly, the rose flower is a symbol of deep love, romantic feelings, and desire. Roses can also mean secrecy or confidentiality. There are several popular colors of roses, and each color has a special meaning. Here is the list:

  • Red roses: love and admiration
  • Purple roses: passion and infatuation
  • Burgundy roses: devotion
  • Lavender roses: unique love
  • Deep pink roses: gratitude
  • Medium pink roses: gratitude, grieving, and congratulations
  • Light pink roses: innocence and appreciation

There is also a special meaning based on the number of roses, such as:

  • 1 rose: Love at first sight
  • 2 roses: Deep love
  • 3 roses: I love you
  • 4 roses: To signify nothing will stand between the two of us
  • 5 roses: Care and love for special someone
  • 6 roses: I want to be yours
  • 7 roses: I’m infatuated with you
  • 8 roses: Support for friends or family
  • 9 roses: To signify eternal love
  • 10 roses: Perfection
  • 12 roses: Ask your crush to be yours
  • 13 roses: Friendship Forever
  • 18 roses: A symbol of trueness and sincerity
  • 66 roses: Nothing’s gonna change my love for you
  • 77 roses: You are my soul mate
  • 88 roses: To apologize for a mistake you made

Rose Flower Wallpapers for Smartphones

There are many phone wallpapers with pictures of roe flowers. The wallpapers usually have a portrait-mode pictures. The popular resolutions are 1080×1920, 750×1334, 1080×2160, and many more. Here is the gallery of rose flower wallpapers for mobile phones.

Close Up Photo of Fresh Red and White Rose

What an awesome photo this is, a close-up picture of a red and white pretty rose flower with several dropped water on it. As one of the best rose flower images, this photograph of a fresh red and white rose is a perfect choice for your smartphone’s background. Designed in HD resolution for mobile phones, this photo has 1080×1920 pixels resolution. Feel free to download and apply this as your smartphone’s wallpaper. You can also download other rose flower photos in this article.

Close Up Photo of Fresh Red and White Rose Flower for Smartphone Background
Close Up Photo of Fresh Red and White Rose Flower images for Smartphone Background


Rose Flower Photos for Desktop Backgrounds

Wallpapers for desktop backgrounds are designed in landscape mode. The popular picture resolutions are 1920×1080 or Full HD and 3840×2160 or 4K. Here are several best rose images for desktop backgrounds.

Pink Rose Flower Picture for Nature Wallpaper

Roses are a favored subject in art and appear in portraits, illustrations, stamps, ornaments, or as architectural elements. This is a beautiful wallpaper for pink rose flowers. You can download and use this image as your nature wallpaper collection for desktop backgrounds.

Pink Rose Flower Picture for Nature Wallpaper
Pink Rose Flower Picture for Nature Wallpaper


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Moreover, I use this picture as one of my best collections of flower wallpapers for mobile phones. Photos of pretty flowers are truly inspirational and mood-boosting and you are free to download these photos.  Alternatively, you can also add another collection of wallpaper for your smartphones by visiting our collection below:

Pictures of Flower for Mobile Phone Wallpaper

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