Free Alabama Wallpapers For Mobile Phones with The Big Al
Free Alabama Wallpapers For Mobile Phones with The Big Al

Free Alabama Wallpaper For Mobile Phones with The Big Al

Posted on – The Big Al is the mascot of the University of Alabama Crimson Tide in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. So, I am sharing this free Alabama wallpaper with the mascot picture with you. It’s a costumed elephant in Crimson color, the official color of Alabama Crimson Tide. Originally, this image is the 2001 version official logo. It was released in 2001 with the elephant head that was the visual center of the emblem. This is one of the free Alabama wallpapers for mobile phones which featured 1080×1920 pixels resolution. This wallpaper also has Crimson color as the background.

Feel free to download and set this wallpaper for your mobile phones. The best phones suitable for this wallpaper are phones with 6-inch screen sizes. As an alternative, you can also download another free Alabama wallpaper with a logo for mobile phones in the picture below.

The picture above shows you the official current logo of the Alabama Crimson Tide football team. The current logo is built around a crimson capital “A” over the white background. The roundel has a black frame. While the letter is encircled with the team name in grey on the crimson background. You can get more information about the Alabama Crimson Tide logo by visiting the link below:

Free Alabama wallpapers for iPhone SE 2022

I have many free Alabama wallpapers for Apple iPhone SE wallpaper. All the wallpapers are designed in a special resolution for iPhone SE. As we know the iPhone SE series has a screen resolution of 750×1334 pixels. So, all the wallpapers below are designed in 750×1334 pixels.

Jerry Jeudy Photo

Jerry Jeudy is one of the Alabama rosters and one of the best wide receivers in the world. Jeudy caught 10 passes for 137 yards and a TD against Duke to start his junior season with authority. Jerry is a smart player and plays hard. He is a pretty complete guy when it comes to being a really good receiver. The picture below is the wallpaper of Jerry Jeudy with an Alabama jersey.

Tua Tagovailoa iPhone SE Wallpaper

Tua Tagovailoa was one of the rosters of Alabama Crimson Tide football. He played college football at Alabama, where he was the Offensive MVP of the 2018 College Football Playoff National Championship and received the Maxwell and Walter Camp Awards as a sophomore. Here is the wallpaper of Tua Tagovailoa in Alabama jersey.

We are Alabama

This is a special Alabama wallpaper with the text “We Are Alabama” and the Nike logo on it. Specially designed for iPhone SE 2022, this wallpaper is perfect for Alabama lovers. You can download this wallpaper by clicking the picture below.

Furthermore, feel free to download other wallpapers for Alabama football lovers at the gallery below:

Alabama Football Wallpapers

Free Alabama Wallpapers For Mobile Phones with The Big Al
Free Alabama Wallpapers For Mobile Phones with The Big Al