Beautiful Nature Wallpaper with Picture of Waterfalls in Ysperklamm Austria

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On this website, there are tons of beautiful nature wallpapers that you can download and use them as your desktop background. Such as this awesome photo, a gorgeous photo of a waterfall in Ysperklamm, Austria.

Ysperklamm is located in Yspertal, a town in the district of Melk in the Austrian state of Lower Austria. Ysperklamm is a ravine landscape which offers the natural display of crystal-clear water rushing over high cliffs and throughout narrow ravines, imposing waterfalls and incredible rock formations. The Grosse Ysper is a river that has its source over the ravine in Weinsbergerwald and floods through this forest for a expanse of nearly 2 km.

Finally, feel free to download and use this wallpaper as your alternative desktop background collection. You can also visit our gallery below to get another wallpapers of nature.

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