Free Artistic Happy Mothers Day Card
Free Artistic Happy Mothers Day Card

Artistic Happy Mothers Day Card for Your Mom

Posted on – It’s a good idea to send a Happy Mothers Day card to your mom on the next Mother’s Day. You can send this card to her social media account. Featured with a pink background, floral accessories, and a text of “Happy Mother’s Day”. Sending Mother’s Day card is a popular way, especially for those who live far away with their mother.

What is Mother’s Day?

Mothers day is an annual celebration honoring the mother of the family and the influence of mothers in society.

When is the date of Mothers Day?

There are various dates of Mothers Day celebrations in many countries. Mother’s day date usually based on some cultural ceremony, religion ceremony, government’s holiday, and many more. In India or United States, Mothers day falls every year on the second Sunday of the month of May. Here is the complete date of Mothers Day 2016 – 2020:

  • 2016: Sunday, May 8th
  • 2017: Sunday, May 14th
  • 2018: Sunday, May 13th
  • 2019: Sunday, May 12th
  • 2020: Sunday, May 10th

How to celebrate?

Most people celebrating Mothers Day by sending some flower to their mother, it’s also a good idea to give some gifts. Based on, here are 10 most popular Mother’s Day gifts:

  • flowers
  • candles
  • gift card
  • gift basket
  • home spa treatment
  • home decor
  • sweet treats
  • greenery
  • perfume
  • message and spa treatment

Feel free to still collect our best selection of Mothers Day wallpaper on this site by visiting below gallery:


Free Artistic Happy Mothers Day Card
Free Artistic Happy Mothers Day Card