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Low Exposure Photo of Kings Beach as Beach Wallpaper for Phone – Thanks to Scott Thompson on for this awesome photo of Kings beach. This is Our newest collection of beach wallpaper for phones with a low-exposure photo of Kings Beach. This picture was taken in winter when there was plenty of ice along the shoreline. Thompson used Canon 5Dsr, with a 16-35mm lens set at 16mm. To create a dramatic sense, the exposure time was 288 seconds which can smooth out the movement of the lake’s surface. It’s perfect with an ISO of 50, and the aperture was f22.

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Furthermore, I use this nature phone wallpaper as one of the best beach wallpaper for phones. I recommend you download other high-resolution phone wallpapers on this website. So, just visit our gallery below to get another collection.

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Low Exposure Photo of Kings Beach as Beach Wallpaper for Phone

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