3D Tiranga Flag Image Free Download HD Wallpaper
3D Tiranga Flag Image Free Download HD Wallpaper

3D Tiranga Flag Image Free Download HD Wallpaper

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Allpicts.in – This is a 3D Tiranga or Indian flag HD image that you can download for free. Designed in 1920×1080 pixels, this wallpaper is one of the best images of Indian flags as an artistic wallpaper. This artistic Indian flag pic HD will be perfectly matched for a laptop background or PC desktop background. For Indian people, improve your nationality by downloading or sharing this Tiranga Picture wallpaper with your friends. You can also use this image for celebrating Independence Day or Republic Day.

3D Tiranga Flag Image Free Download HD Wallpaper
3D Tiranga Flag Image Free Download HD Wallpaper


What is the Indian flag’s name?

Indian flag is also known as Tiranga, a tricolor flag which consists of Safron, green and white color. The Saffron color is a special color in the Indian flag which represents renunciation, disinterestedness, courage, and sacrifice. While the green color is usually associated with prosperity, vibrancy, and life. It seems like another color, the white color is representing truth, peace, and purity. At the center of the flag, there is a logo of the Ashoka Chakra wheel which symbolizes righteousness, progress, and perpetuity.

What is the Indian flag size?

Officially, the size of the India flag is based on the flag’s aspect ratio, the ratio is 2:3. So, if you want to create a flag with a 200 cm height, you will need a 300cm width. The shape of this flag is rectangular.

Where to buy the India flag

Currently, you can easily buy the India flag online via Amazon or eBay. People also like to collect and buy T-shirts with the Indian flag when they celebrate Republic Day or Independence Day. You can also buy the Indian flag on Amazon.

Commonly, The Indian National Flag symbolizes the hopes and aspirations of all the people of India and their national pride. All Indian people are proud to be Indian, they ungrudgingly laid down their lives to keep the Tiranga flying in its full glory.

Indian Republic Day

There are so many frequently asked questions about Republic Day. Do the questions include What Republic Day means? How Republic Day is celebrated in India? How Republic Day is celebrated in school? How do we celebrate Republic Day in Hindi? and many more.

Based on Wikipedia, Republic Indian means: honors the date on which the Constitution of India came into effect on 26 January 1950 replacing the Government of India Act (1935) as the governing document of India.

On Republic Day, flag-hoisting ceremonies and parades by armed forces and school children are held in different parts of the country. The most important of these parades is held at Rajpath in New Delhi.

Republic Day Dance

I would like to share with you a popular video of the Republic Day Dance. The video was taken from Youtube. Here is the video.

Finally, you can freely download this Indian flag image for many purposes such as celebrating India’s Independence Day, Republic Day, etc. The nearest Indian Holiday is Republic Day on 26th January, so this India flag picture will be perfect for celebrating Republic Day. I have many collections of especially relevant Tiranga photos for Republic Day wallpaper, feel free to visit our best collection of randomly Indian Flag Pictures in our gallery below:

Republic Day Wallpapers

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