Windows 10 Wallpaper in Blue Abstract Stars and Waves - Windows 10 wallpaper on my site is a simple but elegant wallpaper with blue abstract stars and waves image. The basic design of this wallpaper seems classic and popular for Windows Vista. But, since Microsoft launched Windows 10, this wallpaper become a favorite picture. This Windows 10 wallpapers are designed with special newest logo of Windows 10. Basically,  the logo had been launched on 30 September 2014 by RainingFlight. The new logo has simpler design with removed "extra" transparent space and reduced gap between "Windows" and "10".

The original color of Windows 10 logo is #0078D6 dark blue. Seems like another previous version,  Windows tends to still use blue color for their background. So, this Windows 10 wallpaper has designed with blue color background. The basic logo was edited with brighter color but still with the same shape and located in the center.

Due to give you a high quality wallpaper, this picture has designed for widescreen monitors. The resolution of this wallpaper is 2560 × 1600 pixels. The resolution of 2560×1600 is the most favorite resolution for monitors with 16:10 aspect ratio. Alternatively, you can also converting this wallpaper into other aspect ratio. Another popular aspect ratio is 16:09 with favorite resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. In order to get the best resolution, you can choose your desire resolution by selecting on the "Available Download" area.

Feel free to download and share all pictures of Windows 10 Wallpapers on Share this with your friend and set it as your PC desktop background. Finally, feel free to browse another our gallery of especially relevant with Windows 10 Wallpaper collection on below list:

Windows 10 Wallpapers

Windows 10 wallpaper in abstract with blue stars and waves

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