Top 10 Flowers That Look Like Roses – #09 – Gardenia – In this post, I would like to share with you a perfect example of a gardenia flower. This flower is one of the Top 10 flowers that look similar to roses. Gardenia flower is mostly used as an unconventional for substituting rose flowers for many purposes. In France, gardenias are the flower traditionally worn by men as boutonnière when in evening dress. Bright white with a sweet fragrance, Gardenias are often chosen for wedding bouquets. The gardenia’s cool white petals give a little hint of the blooming fragrance that has made this flower one of the world’s favorites. These flowers have many meanings including purity, love, and refinement, which makes them an appropriate choice for wedding occasions.

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Finally, I wish you will love to apply this photo of a gardenia flower as a suggestion about many flowers that look similar to roses. And then, you can also go to our gallery below to get all photos of the Top 10 flowers that look like roses at below:

Top 10  Flowers That Look Like Roses

1. Dahlia

2. Camellia

3. Peony

4. Carnation

5. Double Impatiens

6. Ranunculus

7. Lisianthus

8. Double Tulips

9. Gardenia

10. Double Begonias

Top 10 Flowers That Look Like Roses - #09 - Gardenia
Top 10 Flowers That Look Like Roses – #09 – Gardenia