Macro Photo 4K Wallpaper of White Flower in Close Up

Macro photos are great for designing a wallpaper. By using several tools including high quality camera, special lens and specific setting, you can take a picture to get a macro photo. Such as this one, an awesome view of white Read more ›

Top 10 Best Alternative Wallpaper for Apple iPhone XS Max 03 of 10 – Macro Photo Effect

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Macro Photography Wallpaper of White Flower and Dark Background

Make your PC desktop looks cool with this awesome macro photo wallpaper. A macro photography picture with white flower and dark background. It’s a perfect 4K nature wallpaper to turn your gadget into a cool display. Just download it in Read more ›

Macro Photo of Water Drop On Dandelion for Samsung Galaxy S9 Wallpaper – Here is another macro photo wallpaper for Samsung Galaxy S9 wallpaper. A close-up photo of water drops on a dandelion. Captured with a special lens and camera, this photo looks gorgeous with its detail. So, I recommend you Read more ›

08 of 10 Samsung Galaxy S8 Wallpaper Download with Daisy Flower in Macro – This is the #08 of all 10 Samsung Galaxy S8 Wallpaper Downloads. This wallpaper is featured a close-up photo of a Daisy flower. This photo was taken with a macro photo style. Macro photography is a special technique Read more ›