Beach Wallpaper for iPhone – 08 – Splash Wave – Picture of the beach is a popular choice as a wallpaper for smartphones. So, I recommend you use this photo of a splashing wave on the beach as your iPhone wallpaper. This photo can be a good alternative Read more ›

Beach Wallpaper for iPhone – 07 – Sunset on Beach – Actually, this is a close-up photo of the wave at the beach, there is a blurred object of the sun in the golden hour. What a romantic picture it is, a sunset photo that can be an alternative Read more ›

Apple iPhone 6s Wallpaper with Blue Betta Fish in Dark Background in 750×1334 – After being launched, the Apple iPhone 6s still uses a similar wallpaper resolution to iPhone 6 which uses 750×1334 pixels. Here is the Apple iPhone 6s Wallpaper with Blue Betta Fish on Dark Background. Betta fish become the Read more ›