Every Day Motivation 06 of 20 – Friendship Wallpaper – #WednesdayWisdom #friendship #friendshipforever #friendships – “Fake friends are around when they think you’re cool. True Friends are around even when they think you’re a fool.” This is a simple quote wallpaper about friendship. Feel free to use this Read more ›

Every Day Motivation 05 of 20 – Rain Wallpaper with Quote

#DelhiRains #TuesdayThoughts #TuesdayMotivation #GiveTheGiftOfSight – Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet. This is one of my favorite simple quotes about rain and happiness that can expressing your mood. Just download and use this wallpaper as your desktop Read more ›

Every Day Motivation 04 of 20 – Artistic Women Picture

#TuesdayThoughts #TuesdayMotivation – “Worry about your character, not your reputation. Your character is who you are and your reputation is what others think you are.” This quote can be a good inspiration for your personality building. I would like to Read more ›

Every Day Motivation 03 of 20 – Stacked Rock Art Images

#SundayMotivation #SundayThoughts – “It takes time and patience to reach the top”, that is the quote on this wallpaper. I use this wallpaper as the third collection of all 20 Every Day Motivation wallpapers. So, just download and send this Read more ›

Every Day Motivation 02 of 20 – Single Woman Quotes – This is an alternative quote for alone women. I agree with the quote that sometimes, it’s better to be a single, cause, nobody can hurt you. So, just download and save this inspiring quote wallpaper for you. Sometimes, Read more ›

Every Day Motivation 01 of 20 – Dear God

#SundayMotivation #SundayThoughts – Send this motivation wallpaper to your friends. It’s a perfect wallpaper for saying Thank You to your God. This wallpaper is featured with a beautiful picture of perfect morning sunrise. It’s also featured with a text of Read more ›