Black Wallpaper for Phones with Black Panther Picture – It’s great to share with you this dark black wallpaper as your smartphone’s background. A high-resolution picture of a black panther in a dark background. This black wallpaper has a special resolution for large-screen mobile phones. The resolution Read more ›

Screensaver for iPhone 7 (5 of 10) with Purple Flowers – This is a screensaver for iPhone 7 with purple flowers, a similar picture with my previous post. Combined with a dark background, this screensaver enables you to get a cool lock screen for your iPhone 7. As we Read more ›

Screensaver for iPhone 7 (4 of 10) with White Flowers

Customize your iPhone lockscreen with this picture. A picture of white flowers in dark background which especially configured in 750×1334 pixels. This picture is the #4 screensaver for iPhone 7 of all 10 screensavers. It’s featured with an artistic flower Read more ›

Free Wallpaper for iPhone SE and iPhone SE 2022 with Albino Betta Fish Picture – This Albino Betta fish picture is one of the free wallpapers for iPhone SE. This Betta fish picture is #16 of all 20 wallpaper with Albino Betta fish. The resolution of this Betta fish picture was specially designed Read more ›

White Betta Fish iPhone Wallpaper with a Dark Background – I love to collect many betta fish wallpapers for smartphone backgrounds. Such as this white betta fish iPhone wallpaper with a dark background. This free wallpaper for iPhone 7 Plus was featured with a high-resolution picture of Betta Read more ›

Albino Betta Fish Picture 12 of 20 for iPhone 7 Plus Screensaver

This picture of albino Betta fish can be an alternative for your iPhone 7 Plus screensaver. It’s featured with 1080×1920 pixels picture which also the official resolution for Apple iPhone 7 Plus. Just download this picture on it’s original size Read more ›

Green and Black iPhone Background for iPhone 7 with Vertical Lines

Customize your iPhone with this Green and Black iPhone Background for iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s. Designed in 750×1334 pixels, this picture will be perfect and cool wallpaper. Featured with vertical green lines in dark background, this wallpaper is an Read more ›