Samsung Galaxy A5 Wallpaper in 1080×1920 – If you have a smartphone with a 5-inch up to 5.5-inch screen size, you can use this picture. This is a picture of the Samsung Galaxy A5 wallpaper. The photo was taken in a beautiful place of Princess Pier Port in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It’s featured hundreds of wooden pylons which look beautiful. They look awesome with their color as the effect of the time.

Furthermore, this picture was specially configured in 1080×1920 resolution. This resolution is also known as HD resolution. Wallpapers with HD resolution for a mobile device have an aspect ratio of 09:16. While the desktop background is a 16:09 aspect ratio.

Samsung Galaxy A5 become one of the most favorite smartphones. It is because of its advanced features, including Octa-core Exynos 7580 CPU, 2GB RAM, 13 MP rear camera, 5 MP front camera, 16GB storage, and 2,900mAh battery.

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Samsung Galaxy A5 Wallpaper in 1080x1920 Resolution
Samsung Galaxy A5 Wallpaper in 1080×1920 Resolution