Rooster Chinese New Year Wallpaper

This is the Rooster Chinese New Year wallpaper. An especially wallpaper for celebrating Chinese New Year 2017 as the year of rooster. It’s featured with a red background which decorated with many special accessories. The accessories including a character of Rooster in big size, and several small roosters character. It’s also completed with Chinese traditional lantern lamps. There is a text of “Happy Chinese New Year 2017 Year of Rooster” which make this wallpaper perfect.

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The date of 2018 Chinese New Year is in Friday, 16 February 2018. Chinese People in around the world celebrate their new year with many festivals. They also usually sending a greeting card to their family and friends. This wallpaper also can be an alternative to design a greeting card for Chinese New Year.

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Rooster Chinese New Year Wallpaper in HD

Rooster Chinese New Year Wallpaper in HD