Red Plumeria Flower for Desktop Background – Add your wallpaper collection with this picture of a Red Plumeria Flower. A high-quality picture of one of the best flowers in the world. As I mentioned in a previous post (Read also: Pink Plumeria Flower Picture for Desktop Background) that this flower has many names. In Persian, this flower is known as Yas or Yasmin, in Hindi is known as Champa, in Hawaii is known as Melia, and many more.

I hope that you will freely download or share this with your friends. Alternatively, you can also download other beautiful wallpapers with pictures of flowers on this site. All of the wallpapers are configured in high resolution. Below gallery shows you several best selections of flower wallpapers that you can download for free:

Beautiful Flower Wallpapers

High resolution picture of red Plumeria flower for wallpaper
High-resolution picture of red Plumeria flower for wallpaper