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Para Special Forces are one of the units of Parachute Regiment in Indian Army. These special forces are tasked for special missions such as direct action, counter-terrorism, special reconnaissance, counter-proliferation, seek and destroy and personnel recovery and many more. Furthermore, The Parachute Regiment presently has seven Special Forces, six Airborne, two Territorial Army and one Counter-Insurgency (Rashtriya Rifles) battalions in its fold.

In facts, there are several facts about para commandos you didn’t know, here are several facts about this regiment:

  • Due to be a para, all personnel are first required to qualify as Paratroopers, the selected candidates may choose to advance to the SF selection
  • All Indian paratroopers are volunteers where only the serving army personnel can opt for para no one else
  • There is a probationary period of 3 months for all when men undergo various physical & mental tests
  • The next selection is the PTS (Paratroopers Training School) at Agra, U.P. SF has 6 months probationary period
  • It is one of the longest and toughest phases in the world and the attrition rate is very high and is close to 80%
  • The regiment needs to be kept at the optimum level of operational efficiency and physical fitness
  • The Parachute Regiment is perhaps the only one in the Indian Army to have taken part in every theater and every operation in and outside the country
  • They also popular as “RED DEVILS”
  • the Parachute Regiment had essentially two components: the traditional parachute force and the Parachute Special Forces units
  • There are 5 types of Parachute Special Forces units: the 1 Para (SF), 2 Para (SF), 9 Para (SF), 10 Para (SF) and 21st Para (SF)
  • The Special Forces Battalions are organized entirely differently in a way that gives them the capability to operate in smaller teams.

How to Join Indian Army

This is a simple question about when talking about the Indian Army. There are many information that you can get on the internet. Just browse on Google and you will get the best answers. The easiest way to get the best information is by visiting the official website of Join Indian Army on

Choose the type of commission and get the training

In the Indian Army program, there are two options to join: as a Permanent Commission Indian Army and as a Short Service Commission Indian Army. Permanent Commission means a career in Army until you retire. You should join National Defence Academy, Pune or Indian Military Academy, Dehradun or Officers Training Academy, Gaya.

As an alternative, you can also have an option to join Indian Army and serving as Short Service Commission for 10 up to 14 years. After joining for 10 years, there are three options: 4 Years extension, elect for Permanent Commission or retire. You should go to Officers Training Academy at Chennai according to your position in the final order of merit, up to the number of vacancies available at the time.

Medical Examination

Recommended candidates appear before the medical board for carrying out their medical board after the SSB results. SSB (Services Selection Board) is an organization that assesses the candidates for becoming officers into the Indian Armed Forces. The tests are of both types i.e. written and practical task-based. Medical Examination takes 4 to 5 days’ time for the concerned Military Hospital to complete the medical board and after that, the candidates are dispersed. Here are several places for Appeal Medical Board:

  • Base Hospital, Delhi Cantt
  • Command Hospital, Southern Command, Pune
  • Command Hospital, Eastern Command, Kolkata
  • Command Hospital, Central Command, Lucknow
  • Command Hospital, Western Command, Chandimandir
  • Command Hospital, Air Force, Bangalore
  • Command Hospital, Northern Command, C/o 56 APO and
  • INHS, Ashvini, Mumbai

How to become an Indian Special Forces Paratroopers

The Parachute Regiment consisting of PARA and PARA (SF) battalions is the elite volunteer force of the Indian Army. So, the regiment needs to be at an optimum level of operational efficiency and physical fitness. They
should be comparatively young, physically fit and mentally robust, intelligent, innovative and highly motivated.

How To Become a PARA Commando – Officers

1. For gentlemen Cadets of IMA and OTA: Pre Commission. Volunteer GCs from IMA/OTA will be commissioned at the scale of two officers per battalion per year. These officers will be allotted a parent regiment by MS Branch.

2. For Officers serving in the Indian army [Post Commission] : Officers from all Arms and Services can volunteer for the Parachute Regiment subject to them having less than five years of service on the day they volunteer, being in medical category SHAPE-I and being graded `EXCELLENT’ in BPET. These officers will retain their affiliated to their Regiment/Corps (as parent regiment).

How to Apply for PARA Special Force

Officers will forward their application in duplicate to MS Branch (MS-2) duly countersigned by Commanding Officer with a recommendation of higher HQ (one up). The application of volunteer officers including those from AMC will NOT be withheld at any level, even though the officers in the chain may not recommend the same.

Probation Period During PARA Special Force Selection

  • All ranks (Officers and PBOR) Volunteering for the Parachute Regiment will undergo probation in respective units, as underPARA Bns : 90 daysPARA (SF) Bns : 180 days to include continuation training.
  • All ranks who do not qualify in probation will be reverted to their parent regiment.
  • Parachute Jump Training. On successful completion of probation, all ranks will undergo Para Basic course at PTS, Air Force, Agra, on successful completion of which they will be permanently absorbed in the Parachute Regiment. All ranks who do not volunteer to jump will be reverted to their parent Regiments.
  • Permanent Absorption. On successful completion of probation, the PARA/ PARA (SF) battalions will take action for permanent absorption of the individual through Record Office, The Parachute Regiment. All individual documents will accordingly be forwarded by unit/Record Office concerned to the Parachute Regiment Record Office. Source:

Para Commando Facts

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  • All Indian paratroopers are volunteers where only the serving army personnel can opt for para no one else.
  • Today, the regiment is perhaps the only one in the Indian Army to have taken part in every operation in and outside the country.
  • Para Commando also known as the name “RED DEVILS”, “RED” came from the “MAROON BERET” that the paratroopers used.

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Para Special Forces Indian Army Wallpaper in 1920×1080

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