Nature Images HD – Kagami Ike Pond Japan

This is a gorgeous picture of Kagami Ike Pond in Japan, basically the name of this place is Kagami-Ike or Mirror Pond. It's a beautiful reflection of Mount Togakushi in Nagano prefecture, Japan. With no wind blowing, the surface of the pond is calm with no ripples and it is just as beautiful as if it were a real mirror. You will get different view of this place in each season. In the first week of December, you can notice that the pond has already begun to freeze over. While winter season looks beautiful, the best season to be at Kagami Ike is in autumn when the leaves turn all shades of red and orange. In the morning, the pond looks awesome with any fogs on the pond.

This picture is one of the best wallpaper with nature view of several beautiful places in Japan. Captured in high resolution, this picture was adopted into HD quality with 1920x1080 pixels. I hope that you will collect all the collections of 10 best nature view of Japanese beautiful places by visiting the gallery below:

Beautiful Places in Japan

Nature Images HD with beautiful view of Kagami Ike Pond Japan

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