Flower Wallpapers

Miltassia Orchids Picture 4K Ultra HD Wallpaper

Allpicts.in – Pictures of flowers are good for desktop background. This is a 4K resolution of the Miltassia orchid, one of the rarest orchids. This orchid picture has 3840×2160 pixels and is suitable for large-size monitors. Feel free to get this image in its original size. You can also download other flower wallpapers by visiting the gallery at the bottom of this article.

Miltassia orchids are also popular as spider orchids or Bratonia orchids. This orchid is special because of its typical spidery Brassia flowers, which have an unusual purple color. The petals are a dark brown and purple color with long thin petals and an elongated broader lip.

Finally, here is the gallery of flower wallpapers, so you can get your favorite ones.

Flower Wallpapers

Miltassia Orchids Picture 4K Ultra HD Wallpaper

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