Isaac Teen Wolf Season 3 – Daniel Sharman Close Up Photo

Isaac Teen Wolf - his full name is Isaac Lahey, he was a student of Beacon Hills High School, but he left the school after the death of Allison - a women who was romantically involved with him. Teen Wolf is an American supernatural drama television series, the series follows a teenage werewolf as he faces various supernatural challenges. Teen Wolf is produced by MTV and MGM Television and created by Jeff Davis.

Isaac Lahey portrayed by Daniel Sharman is one of the main character in this movie. His first appearance in Teen Wolf is at Omega, the first episode of Teen Wolf Season 2. Isaac becomes a werewolf and helps Derek and Scott defeat the Kanima Master. He also appears at Teen Wolf Season 3.

Here is a high resolution photo of Isaac Lahey Teen Wolf Season 3, feel free to download and share.

Daniel Sharman - Isaac Teen Wolf in Season 3

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