Inspirational Quotes Wallpapers for Mobile (15 of 20) about Success – Add this special quote wallpaper for mobile. This is one of the inspirational and motivational quotes wallpapers for mobile that you can download for free. The quote said about the relationship between sweat, sacrifice, and success. It looks cool with a black background and white text. The picture is also configured in high resolution with 1080×1920 pixels. The quote on this wallpaper is Sweat + Sacrifice = Success.

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Furthermore, I use this wallpaper as #15 of all 20 quotes wallpapers for mobile phones. By the way, here are all 20 inspirational quotes you might like to use:

  2. “Music is My Religion.”
  3. “Life.. is a game, where no one tells you the rules, where the best players are cheaters, and where you never know if you’re winning (or) not.”
  4. “Be Voice, Not an Echo.”
  5. “KEEP CALM AND .. ZZ.”
  6. “Work Hard Play Hard.”
  7. “Be Stronger Than Your Strongest Excuse.”
  8. “Never Dream For Success But Work For It.”
  9. “Some people come into our lives and quickly go, while others stay and leave in footprints our hearts and we are never the same.”
  10. “Think positively, network well, exercise daily, eat healthy, work hard, stay strong, build faith, worry less, read more, be happy, volunteer freely, relax often, love always, live forever.”
  11. “Don’t Worry Be Happy.”
  12. “Always have a backup plan.”
  13. “Every day is a new day.”
  14. “Dreams don’t work unless you do.”
  15. “Sweat + Sacrifice = Success.”
  16. “Everything happens for a reason.”
  17. “Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.”
  18. “Don’t stop when you’re tired. STOP when you are DONE.”
  19. “If you can dream it, you can do it.”
  20. “I Don’t Want A Perfect Life. I Want A Happy Life.”

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Inspirational Quotes Wallpapers for Mobile (15)