Indian Cricket Team with Original Team Kit by Nike (8 of 17 Pics)

I share you this wallpaper of Indian Cricket Team with their Team India Cricket Jersey by Nike. India cricket team t shirt is in blue color. So, The India cricket team also known as the Men in Blue. I hope that this wallpaper can be a good collection for images of cricket team India for you. Due to give you the best collection, I select this high resolution picture for you. The resolution of this picture of Indian player image is 3355×1887 pixels. So, you can use this picture for any purposes. For best result, you can download this wallpaper in it’s original size. Alternatively, you can also converting this picture into other size by choosing on the “Available downloads” area.

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India Cricket

Cricket is a popular sport in India, India people have a great National Team with their famous players. The Indian Cricket National Team also known as “Men in Blue” related with the team jersey color. The team currently is the full member of International Cricket Council (ICC). In Cricket sport, there are two status of the team, the Test status as the first-class cricket, while the other status is the ODI (One Day International) status, which also known as Limited Overs Internationals. Several Indian Cricket team squads including Mahendra Singh Dhoni (the ODI and T20I captain), Virat Kohli (Test Captain), Shikhar Dhawan, Gautam Gambhir, Lokesh Rahul, Robin Uthappa, Murali Vijay, etc.

Indian Cricket Statistic

Based on the Cricket info on Cricinfo, here is the statistic of Indian Cricket.

  • 2006/07 India in South Africa T20I Match
  • 2007/08 ICC World Twenty20 (in South Africa)
  • 2007/08 Australia in India T20I Match
  • 2008/09 India in Sri Lanka T20I Match
  • 2010 India in Zimbabwe T20I Series
  • 2010/11 India in South Africa T20I Match
  • 2011 India in West Indies T20I Match
  • 2012 India in Sri Lanka T20I Match
  • 2013/14 India v Australia T20I Match (in India)
  • 2015/16 India in Australia T20I Series
  • 2015/16 Sri Lanka in India T20I Series
  • 2015/16 Asia Cup (in Bangladesh)
  • 2016 India in Zimbabwe T20I Series

The history of cricket in India

A few Indians played as members of the English cricket team  before Indian Independence, while India was under British rule.  The Test cricket debut of The Indian cricket team was in 1932. The team’s first series as an independent country was in 1948. The team won the Cricket World Cup in 1983 and 2011.

Due to give you more wallpaper of Indian Cricket, here are all my best selection wallpapers with Indian Cricket:

Indian Cricket Wallpapers

Attachment picture for Indian Cricket Team with Original Team Kit by Nike

Attachment picture for Indian Cricket Team with Original Team Kit by Nike