How to Choose Best Wallpapers for Android Phones

Choose best wallpaper for Android smartphone with logo

I collect many best wallpapers for Android Phones on this site, when you want to customize your Android smartphones, you should considering several factors including the size of the screen and the resolution of the wallpaper. Android is an Operating System based Linux kernel which developed by Google Inc. which designed for mobile phones, tablets, televisions, cars and other gadgets.

Different wallpapers for different screens

Screen size of smartphones usually designed with specific technology and features based on many factors. A mobile phone with larger screen size will be more effective for multimedia, graphics and internet browsing. But a larger size mobile will need more space when you carrying it on your hand or pocket. For resolving this problem, you can use a larger gadgets such as a tablet. A large screen smartphones usually has a screen size range of 3.1" up to 6", and tablets have a screen size from 7" up to 10.1".

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Screen resolution and PPI value

A larger screen size will need a bigger resolution, a screen resolution is the size of the width of the screen in pixels and the height of the screen in pixels. An Apple iPhone 6 has 750x1334 pixels, it means that Apple iPhone 6 will need a picture for wallpaper with 750 pixels width and 1334 pixels height. PPI value is mean the number of pixel per inch, an Apple iPhone 6 has 326 PPI in a 4.7" retina HD display. So, it's important to choose the right wallpaper for specific smartphone.

Picture or Wallpaper Resolution

The technology of picture resolution is still growing now, every latest gadget usually featured with latest picture resolution. A picture technology is the size of the picture based on the pixel count in a specific-size picture. The most famous standard resolution was the VGA technology in 1987, but recently many gadgets are designed to use a 1080p wallpaper. Today's latest technology of picture resolution is the 8K Fulldome with 8192x8192.

Theme of Wallpapers for Android Smartphones

Theme is the main topic, if you want to customize your Android phone's home screen, you can consider to adjust your phone with any theme you like. A feminine theme usually colored with pink colors, patterned with floral or flower wallpaper or any romantic wallpaper. But a masculine theme usually colored in dark color such as blue, black and grey. Sports wallpapers, cartoon wallpapers and abstract wallpapers usually  become more favorite for men then women. If you want to customize your Android smartphone with a neutral theme, you can choose some nature wallpapers or art wallpapers. has a huge wallpapers with many sophisticated features for gadgets, Feel free to visit our collections on the category of Gadget Wallpaper here. You can also visiting our several random collection of Best Wallpapers for Android Phones on below links:

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Choose best wallpaper for Android smartphone with logo

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