Hourglass – Sand Clock – Sand Timer Picture for Wallpaper in High Resolution

This is a high resolution picture of Hourglass or known as sand glass, sand timer, sand watch or sand clock for wallpaper. Sand Timer picture on this post is free to download. Hourglass is a symbol of time, a mechanical device which comprises two glass bulbs connected vertically by narrow neck that allows a regulated trickle of sand from the upper bulb to the lower one. The range time are affected by the factors of the sand quantity, the sand coarseness, the bulb size, and the neck width.

This high resolution picture of hourglass is a good wallpaper to illustrating of anything associated with time management. With it's high resolution, you can utilize this picture for an illustration or for material in your graphical design project. So, feel free to use, share and download this artistic picture.

Hourglass - sand clock - sand timer picture for Wallpaper in high resolution

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