Holi Celebration as India Holidays 2019 by Cover Each Other with Colored Powder

One of the biggest India holidays is Holi celebration. Holi celebration also known as spring festival or love festival. Such another previous years and every years, Indian people celebrate Holi by cover each other with coloured powder. ‘Holi Celebration’ also known as the Festival of Colours. A popular Hindu spring ceremonial festival observed in India and Nepal at the end of winter season. It celebrates on the last full moon day of the lunar month.

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This celebration usually usually held on Spring season every year, for 2019 this celebration will be held on Wednesday, March 20, 2019 until Thursday 21, March 2019. On this post, you can see a Holi photo, when everybody smears coloring powder each other.

Holi celebration become an international event

Not only in India, Holi festival of colours also become an international event. As the symbol of love, there are also another Holi celebration in many big cities in America, Europe and another Asia countries. If they can’t celebrate Holi, people also sending some Holi Greeting cards to their friends.

Here are another wallpapers associated with Holi Celebration in India:

20 Images of Holi

Holi Celebration as India Holidays 2019
Holi Celebration as India Holidays 2019