Halfmoon Betta Wallpaper 7 of 7 – Beautiful Yellow Halfmoon

What a beautiful yellow halfmoon betta fish it is, this picture is the #7 of all 7 best halfmoon betta fish wallpaper collection. Featured with a high resolution betta fish picture, you can use this picture as an alternative to change your desktop background. Yellow is a rare color for betta fish, this yellow betta fish is one of the best betta fish.

Betta fish is a popular fresh water fish, this fish is native to the Mekong river in South Asia. So, you can easily found this fish in several Asian countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and other Asian countries. Colors and Fins style becomeĀ  important factors to categorizing this fish.

How to take care of Betta fish

If you want to buy this fish, you can easily find in ebay or Amazon, there are also huge of Betta fish breeders in Asian country who sale this fish via online. It’s important to understanding about how to take care this fish. Firstly, you should knowing about their behavior. You can also searching for many facts about Betta fish. Here are several steps to care of this fish:

  • Locate a single male in a tank with 1 up to 5 gallons.
  • It’s better to feed them with some live food such as bloodworms and brine shrimps than pellets
  • Feed them maximum twice a day and at least once a week
  • They need a good lightning

Halfmoon Betta Fish Wallpapers:

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Halfmoon Betta Wallpaper 7 of 7 - Yellow Halfmoon

Halfmoon Betta Wallpaper 7 of 7 – Yellow Halfmoon