Halfmoon Betta Wallpaper 6 of 7 – Perfect Red Halfmoon Betta Fish

I have many collection of Betta fish wallpaper, this picture is the #6 of all 7 best halfmoon Betta wallpaper. A perfect red Halfmoon Betta fish wallpaper in a high resolution. This one of high resolution background images looks amazing with it’s dark background, a cool wallpaper that will be a good alternative to customize your desktop background. This wallpaper has a resolution of 4K in 3840×2160 pixels, a resolution which popular for large size monitors.

Betta Fish

Betta fish also known as Siamese fighting fish is a popular fish in Asia, there are several names of this fish such as pla-kad fish in Thai or trey krem in Khmer and Cupang fish in Indonesia. This fish is native to the Mekong river so this fish is popular in several South Asia and East Asia such as Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

Betta fish Types

Currently, there are hundreds of Betta fish breeders in Thailand and other Asian countries. They doing many experiments to create huge various types of Betta fish. As the result, there are hundreds of Betta fish types. All of them are categorized by the colors, fins and characteristics.

People usually categorizing Betta fish by their fins or tail style. I have a good article of facts about Betta fish in: Halfmoon Betta Wallpaper 1 of 7 – Blue Halfmoon (Betta Fish Facts), here are the common tail types:

  • Veil Tail, Their tails arch up, then float down, appearing to look a a veil
  • Crown Tail, they have spiky tail and fins
  • Halfmoon, the shape of a halfmoon and spreads at a 180 degree angle tails
  • Delta Tail, single tailed non-Halfmoon Betta, just like a Halfmoon, but they don’t reach 180 degrees
  • Super Delta Tail, It’s amazing caudal fin extends between 120-160 Degrees
  • Double Tail, its caudal tail split in two equal lobes rather than one
  • Spade Tail, Their caudal tail has a wide base, that narrows to a small point
  • Round Tail or Fan Tail, single tailed Betta’s with round edges
  • Rose Tail, the perfect Halfmoon, the caudal have excessive branching and overlapping which gives the appearance of a rose
  • Feather Tail, very similar to the rose tail, but tends to have a more ruffled appearance
  • Plakat, a short-finned version of the common Betta
  • Comb Tail or Half Sun, produced with crossing a Veil Tail and a Crowntail.

Feel free to download all complete Halfmoon Betta fish wallpapers on this site.

Halfmoon Betta Fish Wallpapers:

Perfect Red Halfmoon Betta Wallpaper 6 of 7

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