Halfmoon Betta Wallpaper 5 of 7 – Blue and Yellow Halfmoon

This high resolution picture of blue and yellow Halfmoon Betta fish wallpaper will be a good alternative for desktop background. This picture is the #5 of  7 best Halfmoon Betta wallpaper. This bi-color Betta fish is the result of the crossing breeding of two different solid color Betta fish.

Halfmoon Betta is a popular type of this fish, their beautiful fins with various color are amazing. Designed in 4K resolution with 3840x2160 resolution, this wallpaper will be a perfect alternative for widescreen monitors.

Betta fish facts

Based on several information of Betta Fish Facts, I would like to share you several facts about this fish.

  • Betta fish is an extreme territorial fish, so they will attack another fish in their territory
  • The name of Betta was referred to an ancient clan of warriors, called the "Bettah" and popular since the mid-1800s
  • Bettas normally live 2 - 3 years in good environment
  • Bettas can still live without eating in two weeks

Betta fish types

There are several types of Betta fish, most of them are categorized by their fins/tail and colors. Popular fins types is Halfmoon, but there are also several fins types such as: Veil Tail, Crown Tail, Delta and Super Delta Tail, Double Tail, Round Tail, Rose Tail, Plakat, etc.

The colors usually categorized into three different types: Solid color, Interesting Colors and Patterns colors. Solid color usually has a single common color in overall body such as blue, orange, yellow, red, white and many more. Interesting color consists of unique colors such as metallic, Turquoise, Copper, Lavender, Mustard Gas and many more. Patterns colors such as: Solid color, Bi-color pattern, Butterfly pattern, Marble pattern, Dragon pattern and many more.

Halfmoon Betta Fish Wallpapers:

Feel free to download all complete Halfmoon Betta fish wallpapers on this site. Blue and Yellow Halfmoon Betta Wallpaper 5 of 7

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