Halfmoon Betta Wallpaper 4 of 7 – Orange Halfmoon Male Betta

This picture of orange halfmoon betta fish wallpaper is the #4 of our best 7 Betta fish picture. Featured with a high resolution picture of orange male halfmoon betta fish, you can download this picture for free. Betta fish is a popular fish in Asia, this fish also known as fighting fish. An Extreme territorial fish, the male will attack another male near him.

This orange Betta fish is a rare type, it's color is categorized as solid color. Solid color Betta fish has one main color in overall the body. In ebay, a solid Betta fish usually priced ranging from 40 to 50 dollars. Orange color Betta is a rare color, the popular colors for solid colors are red and blue. I have a good article about Betta fish facts, the article informs about types of Betta fish based on the colors, here are they:

Colors and Colors patterns

Common colors, including: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Opaque, Black, White, Albino and Orange. Interesting colors: Metallic, Turquoise, Copper, Lavender, Mustard Gas, Grizzle, Kois and Marble. Patterns colors are: Solid, Bi-color, Cambodian, Butterfly, Marble, Pastel, Dragon, Piebald, Full mask and Multicolour
  • Solid, one color in the entire of the fish with no variations
  • Bi-color, two colors combination
  • Cambodian, the fins are a solid color, the body is pale
  • Butterfly, the fins have distinct bands of colors
  • Marble, irregular patterns in the fins and body
  • Pastel, a light shade of color, seen only on the fins, but body remains a flesh hue
  • Dragon, rich strong basic color with the scales on the body a pale iridescent
  • Full mask, the face has the same color as the body but it looks darker
  • Piebald, pale flesh-colored face
  • Multicolour, combination 3 or more colors on the body

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Halfmoon Betta Fish Wallpapers:

Orange Halfmoon Betta Wallpaper 4 of 7

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