Free Download Insurance Icon with Picture of Family Under Umbrella for Marketing

I share you this insurance icon for marketing icons collection. This icon is a good alternative to describing the insurance with a simple icon. Featured with a dark colored umbrella covering a family, this picture is one of the most favorite symbol for insurance. Another famous symbols for insurance usually various based on the types of the insurance. Here are several common insurance types: home insurance, car insurance, travel insurance, life insurance, critical illness, income protection and payment protection, private medical and dental insurance, pet insurance and many more.

Such as the picture on this post, insurance symbol with people and umbrella usually used for life insurance, critical illness, income protection and payment protection. Umbrella symbolizes the protection which the person/family symbolizes of the object to protect. I have many collection of icon for insurance marketing. I hope that you will love to use my another icon collection as you like such as creating a banner, sticker, slide presentations or a website elements. Feel free to download all of insurance icons on this site by following below gallery:

Free Download Marketing Icons:

free download insurance icon – family under umbrella

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