Cute Pokemon on iPhone 7 Wallpaper with Colorful Natures Background

Feel free to download this Cute Pokemon on iPhone 6s with Colorful Natures. Featured with the picture of Pikachu and friends in the garden. This wallpaper has been specially designed for Apple iPhone 7 and Apple iPhone 6s with 750×1334 pixels resolution. This resolution will be a perfect choice for iPhone 7 and 6s which have 4.7″ screen size Retina Display.

Pokemon is a popular games with about 722 characters, the first generation of this game appears in Pokemon Stadium. The first generation consists of 151 characters and introduced in Pokemon Red and Blue. The next generation is Pokemon Gold and Silver which consists of 251 characters. The other generation is Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire with 135 new character. The fourth generation is Pokémon Diamond and Pearl with about 81 and the fifth generation is Pokemon Platinum with about 107 new characters.

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Cute Pokemon on iPhone 7 with Colorful Natures

Cute Pokemon on iPhone 7 with Colorful Natures