Cool Wallpapers with Beautiful Views of Raja Ampat Indonesia

What a beautiful view it is, a new tourist destination in Asia, This is Raja Ampat Indonesia. Located in Papua Province, Indonesia, this place become another famous and beautiful place in Indonesia. Similarly with Bali, you will also feel like in a paradise, by enjoying it’s natural view. This photo shows you how beautiful is the beach and about 1500 small islands in there. Feel free to save this picture and just set your next holiday to visit this beautiful place.

How to visit Raja Ampat

I got a perfect information about How to get to Raja Ampat from the site of, here are several conclusion of the article:

1. Getting to Sorong

Sorong is the nearest city from Raja Ampat, before 2004, Raja Ampat is the part of Sorong, but separated from Sorong Regency. In Sorong, there is an airport which connecting with several cities in Indonesia. The name of the airport is Domine Eduard Osok (IATA code: SOQ). There are no international flights into Sorong, so you can go to sorong via several options:

  • Via Jakarta, there are lots of airlines fly from Southeast Asian hubs to Jakarta
  • Via Makassar, using Silk Air (Singapore-Makassar), using Air Asia (Kualalumpur-Makassar)
  • Via Manado, using Silk Air (Singapore-Manado)

There are a lot of direct flights to Sorong after arrived at Jakarta, Makassar or Manado. It’s better to use some application to check availability of flights from your departure point such as Traveloka,, Tiket2Indonesia, Skyscanner or Mau ke Mana.

  • Jakarta to Sorong (CGK-SOQ): Xpress, Sriwijaya (Nam Air)
  • Makassar to Sorong (UPG-SOQ): Garuda, Xpress, Sriwijaya, Lion (Batik Air)
  • Manado to Sorong (MDC-SOQ): Lion (Wings Air)

2. Sorong to Waisai (the capital of the Raja Ampat regency)

There are two options that you can get: water transportation or local flights.

a. Water transportation

You can use taxi from Sorong airport to ferry harbor which takes around 10-20 minutes and costs around 100,000 Rupiahs (~ 10 USD). You can also using “ojek” – get a lift on the back of a motorbike – for about ~ 2 – 5 USD or 20,000 – 50,000 Rupiahs. There are also public minibus (yellow bus) with only 6,000 Rupiahs from the main road to the city terminal and 3,000 Rupiahs from terminal to harbor.

There are two options of water transportation from Sorong to Raja Ampat at the harbor:

  • Public ferries

You can choose a normal ferry from Sorong to Waisai (in Waigeo island) in about 4 hours. The ticket for normal ferry is 140,000. There is also the express ferry with the ticket price of IDR 130,000 for economy class, or IDR 220,000 for a VIP ticket. A VIP seat will give you an adjustable-back chair in an airconditioned room. Both of normal and express ferries run every day from both Sorong and Waisai scheduled at around 2.00pm.

  • Speedboats

Speedboats options are good for in a hurry condition, you should pay more expensive ( ~100 – 500 USD) to charter one, the price can be negotiated on the harbor.

b. Local flights

There is only one option to use a flight from Sorong to Waisai. A 16-seat twin otter operated by Susi Air. Schedules can be changed without notice, so be sure to contact the airline to confirm the current schedule.

3. Waisai to the islands

It’s important to understand that there are a lot of beautiful islands in Raja Ampat. There are 4 main islands: Misool, Waigeo, Batanta and Salawati. In Waisai, you can easily find a lot of information center about Raja Ampat and get some information about several places to go in Raja Ampat. Many homestays and hotels provide accommodations to transform you to the place you want. The cost of transfer from Waisai to the islands is a sore point with many travelers. Boat transfer prices are more expensive than they should be and bargaining rarely yields a substantial discount on the asking prices.

Raja Ampat Accommodations

Most of accommodations in Raja Ampat are designed in traditional style and based on nature. You can use a homestay with many features and various price. The price for stay in a home stay are ranging from 250,000 Rupiahs/night/person (single/standard) up to 800,000 Rupiahs/night/couple (VIP). Each homestay usually provides various features such as: private bungalow, credit card payment, ensuite bathroom/toilet, Western style toilet, good phone signal, good electricity, breakfast, and many more. Here are several list of homestays in Raja Ampat that you can contact:

  • Nudibranch Homestay:
  • Yenkoranu Homestay:
  • Warimpurem Homestay:
  • Mambetron Homestay: +6282190065128
  • Delvin Homestay: +6282239307439
  • Harfat Jaya Homestay: +6281344353030
  • Batu Lima Homestay: +6281248958037
  • Lalosi Homestay: +6282397520748
  • Yenbuba Homestay:

Raja Ampat Diving

It’s easy to get information about Raja Ampat dive lodge/resort, most of homestays are featured with diving packages. It’s important to know the best spots for snorkeling or diving. Here are several famous spot that you can choose:

Northern region

  • Kri island, a firm favourite among the liveaboards of Raja Ampat.
  • Sel Pele – a very large bay located on the western side of Waigeo Island, the best place in Raja Ampat for critter hunting.
  • South Penemu – a lesser known pinnacle nearby the south side of Raja Ampat’s Penemu Island.
  • Waigeo Bird Wall – a reef on the south side of Waigeo Island in northern Raja Ampat and is a gentle slope bottoming out at around 30 metres.
  • Wofoh – an island with a cluster of surface breaking points: 2 islands and 2 rocks.
  • Yangelo – an island with beautiful and very healthy coral coverage
  • Yangelo Reef – The deeper parts are home to numerous wobbegongs and probably the greatest abundance of schooling large fish in Raja Ampat.

Central region

  • Jef Fam Group – a picturesque group of a dozen or so limestone islands and islets, lying directly west of Batanta Island.
  • Manta Ridge – the premiere place to see manta rays performing their graceful somersaults.

Southern region

  • Boo Island – from the surface there are 2 rocks separated by a short stretch of water, beneath which there is a wealth of marine life waiting to be explored.
  • Fabiacet – a breath of fresh air for all of us that wish we could always dive on reefs with fish life as prolific as nature intended.
  • Farondi – a firm favourite on any Raja Ampat diving trip with  unique landscapes that they offer, located in 20 km east from Misool Island.
  • Gamfi Damu – an island with strong currents, there are a lot of best soft corals.
  • Kaleidoscope – one of the best place in Misool island and featured with reef which boasts an unbeatable range of colour.
  • The Passage – a channel which over 30 metres wide featuring some of the finest benthic life you are ever likely to see, located between Wayilbatan and Walib island.

Diving Season in Raja Ampat

During the months of October until the end of April, most of Indonesian liveaboards visit Raja Ampat. This time range is the best for visiting Raja Ampat, it because of the local weather conditions. In July to mid-September, strong winds and rain can cause rough seas which causing boats to schedule other areas to visit and closing some of the dive resorts in this period.

  • Silk Air:
  • Singapore Airlines:
  • Garuda Indonesia:
  • Traveloka:
  • Tiket2Indonesia:
  • Skyscanner:
  • Mau ke Mana:
  • Susi Air:, Susi Air Sorong phone numbers: +628114806709, +628114806710, Susi Air Manokwari phone numbers: +628112123932, +628114806705, Email:

Finally, I use this picture of Raja Ampat as one of the best collection pictures of beautiful places in the world. I hope that you will also viewing my other collection pictures by visiting the gallery below:

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