Close-Up Lotus Flower Wallpaper with 2560×1600 Resolution – Feel free to download this close-up lotus flower wallpaper and use this wallpaper as a background for your laptop or desktop. This wallpaper was specially designed in high resolution with 2560×1600 pixels. I use this wallpaper as one of all 50 wallpapers with pictures of a lotus flower. This lotus flower picture is featured a close-up wet lotus flower above the pond. Captured in close-up, you can see the flower in detail, and it is amazing.

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Moreover, the lotus flower is popular in Hinduism and Buddhism. They use this flower as a symbol of many good meanings. Hindus revere it with the gods Vishnu, Brahma and to a lesser degree Kubera, and the goddesses Lakshmi and Saraswati. This flower is also often used as an example of divine beauty and purity.

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Pictures Of Lotus Flowers

Close-Up Lotus Flower Wallpaper with 2560x1600 Resolution
Close-Up Lotus Flower Wallpaper with 2560×1600 Resolution