Close Up Photo of Cymbidium Orchid for Wallpaper

I try to share you my best selection of orchid wallpaper for wallpaper. Such as this close up photo of Cymbidium orchid. I believe that this orchid picture can be an alternative for desktop background. Furthermore, you will get this picture in high resolution with 3000×2000 pixels. Feel free to download this picture in original size. Alternatively, you can also convert this picture into other resolution such as 1920×1080 pixels.

Cymbidium is a large, unruly orchid which delights us with tall spikes loaded with flowers. There are about 44 species of this orchid. This orchid is one of the easiest to plant, so, it is found abundantly in indoor gardens. The plant grows almost 3 feet tall and the flower spike grows from the bottom of the bulb and has many flowers along its length.

I’m happy to share you this wallpaper. Furthermore, you still can download for more orchid wallpapers by following the gallery below:

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Close Up Photo of Cymbidium Orchid

Close Up Photo of Cymbidium Orchid