The Adventures of Hello Kitty & Friends Characters – I hope that this Hello Kitty wallpaper can be your desktop background alternative. This is the wallpaper of The Adventures of Hello Kitty & Friends characters. I hope this wallpaper can be a favorite background for you.

It featured a funny and cute picture of Hello Kitty and her friends. From the left, here are all the characters:

  • Pochacco: a friendly, slightly goofy puppy who loves to play soccer
  • My Melody: a rabbit who wears a red hood and she also wears a white flower near her right ear.
  • Kitty: a cheerful, warm-hearted little girl.
  • Badtz-Maru: a penguin with an attitude. Always looking for an angle, he is a precocious youngster with dreams of grandeur.
  • Keroppi: a fun-loving little frog with a penchant for inventing things

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Characters in The Adventures of Hello Kitty and Friends for Wallpaper
The Adventures of Hello Kitty & Friends Characters for Wallpaper