Animated Broken Screen for iPhone 7 and iPhone SE 2022 (12 of 49 Pics) – It looks like a prank broken screen background. This is a special animated broken screen for iPhone. It is an animated broken LCD wallpaper that was specially designed for Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone SE 2022. The display looks like an LCD broken with abstract lines and several dark spots. LCD (Liquid-Crystal Display) is a technology in display devices. If the device is broken, there should be several dark spots on it.

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The resolution of this wallpaper is 750×1334 pixels. This resolution is the same as the official Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone SE 2022 resolution. I have a huge collection of pictures of broken screens. This animated broken LCD is the #12 of all 49 broken screen wallpapers. It’s funny to use a cracked screen or broken screen on your iPhone. It will give a prank to your friends that you have a broken display or broken iPhone. I have many wallpapers of cracked screen wallpaper for iPhones on this website. All the wallpapers are suitable for the latest generation of iPhones.

By the way, can we use this wallpaper for other versions of iPhones? Of course, you can use this wallpaper for iPhone 11 series. But you will need an application to resize this wallpaper to a larger size. I recommend you resize this wallpaper to at least 1242 x 2688 pixels. So, it will suitable for the screen of the Apple iPhone 11 Max Pro. As an alternative, you can download our latest wallpapers for Apple iPhone at the gallery below:

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Animated Broken LCD Wallpaper for iPhone
Animated Broken LCD Wallpaper for iPhone