Beautiful Scenery in Bulgaria for Wallpaper – In Bulgaria, there are a lot of beautiful places to visit. This is one of the most beautiful sceneries in Bulgaria. You can use this picture to customize your desktop background. As a high-resolution picture, this picture is easy to use as a background. The resolution of this wallpaper is 3840×2160 pixels. A resolution that is also known as a 4K picture.

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Beautiful Places in Bulgaria

Here are several beautiful places in Bulgaria that you might like to visit. All the information can be a reference when you visit this country.

  • The Black Sea beaches: long stretches of sandy beaches dotted with hotels, traditional fishing villages, and historical sites.
  • Rila Monastery: also Known as the Jerusalem of Bulgaria.
  • Sozopol: a popular fishermen’s village and seaside resort.
  • Plovdiv Old Town: the second largest city in Bulgaria, an old town on a hill.
  • Belogradchik: a manmade construction set against a stunning outcrop of rocks.
  • Koprivshtitsa: A village with Bulgarian National Revival architecture of the 19th century.
  • Nessebar: the Pearl of the Black Sea, an important site it’s recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.
  • Veliko Tarnovo: the historic capital of the Second Bulgarian Empire between the 12th and 14th centuries.
  • Melnik: the smallest city in Bulgaria and it is home to some of the best wineries in the country.
  • Seven Lakes: One of Bulgaria’s main tourist attractions with a group of glacial lakes located high in the Rila Mountains.

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Free Download of Beautiful Scenery in Bulgaria for Wallpaper
Free Download of Beautiful Scenery in Bulgaria for Wallpaper