Backgrounds for Desktop Free with Falling Leaves in Autumn Season

I love this amazing and high resolution falling leaves in autumn season. Autumn season or fall season is a short season between summer and winter. A season which characterized with nature phenomena of leaves color change. Most of the leaves change theirĀ  color into yellow, red, pink or orange.This phenomena is caused by the arrival of night which noticeably earlier and temperature cools considerably. Autumn only comes in several countries which have 4 seasons cycle. In the northern hemisphere, autumn comes in September, October and November. In southern hemisphere autumn occurs in March, April and May.

Many people in the world celebrate autumn by several activities, In Japan, the celebration of fall season is known as Ohigan. In China and Vietnam, they celebrate Moon Festival by gazing at the moon and eating moon cakes. In the southern U.S., Moon Pies are often used in place of moon cakes, there is also a similar holiday in Korea which called Chuseok.

Here is a picture of falling leaves in an autumn season. This beautiful picture is one of my High Resolution fall pictures collection. One of a good background for desktop with it's original high resolution quality. Designed in 2880x1800 pixels resolution, this wallpaper also can be a perfect MacBook Pro Wallpaper. Feel free to download and share this image. You can also use this picture for fall festival background.

Autumn wallpapers are inspiring, here are another our collection of autumn wallpapers:

High Resolution Fall Pictures:

Backgrounds for desktop free with falling leaves in autumn season

Available Downloads

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