Artistic Anonymous Mask Wallpaper with Thousand Quotes

Anonymous mask is popular today, here is a high resolution and artistic  Anonymous mask wallpaper that you can download. Anonymous mask wallpaper, well-known as several quote such as Knowledge is Free, We are Anonymous, We are Legion, We do not forgive, We do not forget, Expect Us. Anonymous mask wallpaper generally symbolized with Guy Fawkes mask - a 17th-century Roman Catholic terrorist, More in recent times activists have appropriated the day as one of mass protest.

This mask has become the appearance of post-modern protest. The mask was created by 1980s graphic novelists Alan Moore along with David Lloyd in a comic "V for Vendetta." in which the most important protagonist is a cloaked anarchist who wears a grinning, moustachioed Guy Fawkes mask though battling alongside a fascist authoritarian state.

Before V for Vendetta (which was published in serial form throughout the 1980s before being made into a 2005 film), Guy Fawkes masks and effigies were only popular in the U.K. on Halloween and Guy Fawkes Day, a November 5 celebration.

Here is a wallpaper with Anonymous mask wallpaper with the intention of you can freely download and save. Fell free to distribute with your friends and use this wallpaper for beneficial purposes. You can also discover an alternative wallpaper of Anonymous mask on this site that listed on below related post.

Here are our other collection of Anonymous Mask Wallpapers that you can download for free:
anonymous mask wallpaper - lits to make a face

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