Abstract Wallpaper for Customizing your Gadget’s Home Screen

abstract wallpapers with colorful and artistic picture

If you want to customize your gadget by change the home screen display, you can pick an abstract wallpaper. An abstract is something in our mind or as an idea but not having a physical existence. As an art object, an abstract wallpaper usually has a high value of art, so, this wallpaper will be a good choice for art lovers. An abstract usually expressing a quality, character, art value, without any basic rule for apart from specific objects.

abstract wallpapers with colorful and artistic picture

Colors in abstract wallpapers

An abstract wallpaper doesn't have any basic rule, so the color of an abstract wallpaper usually varies from basic colors or neutral colors and bright or bold colors. As the expression of an idea or a feeling, a brighter color and colorful abstract wallpaper usually used for expressing a happiness. In other hand, a dark or bold color abstract wallpaper usually expressing a sadness.

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Abstract Wallpapers vs Pattern Wallpapers

Another type of wallpaper which has no physical existence is pattern wallpapers. A pattern wallpaper has a special rule, such as a collection of parallel lines, a set of small objects, etc. A pattern wallpaper will have same object shape in every part of the wallpaper.

Dimensions and Resolution of Wallpaper

The technology is changing and growing, so, people can create some pattern or abstract picture with many sophisticated tools. Latest computer technology and gadget development have big roles in the development of wallpaper. There are several standard in display and monitor dimension and resolution including the size, aspect ratio and PPI (Pixels per inch) value. Today's famous wallpaper resolution is the Full HD or 1080p wallpaper which designed in 1920x1080 pixels.

Here are our random abstract wallpapers that you can download for free:

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