7 Best Pattern of Background Images for Websites #2 – Original Wood

After showing you one of our 7 best pattern of background images for website with dark wood pattern, here is another pattern with original wood pattern. An artistic pattern which featured with original wood pattern with horizontal position. This picture will be a good background image for website with 2560x1600 pixels resolution.

It's important to consider several things before choosing an image for designing a website background. It because that this picture will be the first picture that appears in loading process. It's better to use some artistic pattern such as wood pattern or another pattern. You should also considering about the size of the picture, it will be a perfect choice to use a picture with at least has a width of 1000 pixels.  The last thing to consider is the color of the pattern, the best option to use is choose the contrast color with the content, you can also choose a graduation color.

I have a lot of pattern wallpapers on this site, but I hope that you will feel free to collect below 7 best of them:

Background Images for Websites

7 Best Pattern of Background Images for Websites #2 - Original Wood

Available Downloads

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