4K Nature Wallpaper with Picture of Powlett River

Allpicts.in – I love to collect river pictures, such as this 4K nature wallpaper with a view of the Powlett River in Australia. The Powlett River is a perennial river of the Western Port catchment located in West Gippsland, Victoria. This river rises on the southern slopes of the Strzelecki Ranges and generally flows west, reaching its mouth within the Bass Strait, west of Wonthaggi, and within the Shire of Bass Coast. In the local language (Australian Aboriginal Boonwurrung language) this river is also known as Kugerungmome.

As a high-resolution river picture, this wallpaper was specially configured in 4K resolution. So, you can get this picture in its original size with 3840×2160 pixels. Alternatively, you can also convert this picture into a smaller size. Furthermore, you can also download other of our collections of 4K nature wallpapers by visiting the gallery below:

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Picture of Powlett River for 4K Nature Wallpaper
Picture of Powlett River for 4K Nature Wallpaper