3D Hexagon Background for Samsung Galaxy Note20 Wallpaper

Allpicts.in – I have a lot of wallpapers for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20. Most of them are featured with abstract art designs. This is a unique wallpaper for Galaxy Note20 with a 3D hexagon or honeycomb. This wallpaper is also configured in 1440×2960 pixels resolution. Originally, this wallpaper was designed for the old Samsung Galaxy Note 8 which has a 6.3-inches screen. But I recommend you use this wallpaper for the newest Samsung Galaxy Note.

In fact, there are several models of Samsung Galaxy Note20. There are four models: Samsung Galaxy Note20, Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G, Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra, and Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G. The Samsung Galaxy Note20 has 8GB RAM, a 4300mAh battery, a triple camera with 64MP, and a 6.7-inch screen size.

By using this large size resolution and awesome pattern, I think that this wallpaper will still be suitable for much newer smartphones. So, I recommend you visit our gallery on this website to get more inspiring wallpapers for your new smartphones. Here is several best selection of them.

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3D Hexagon Background for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Wallpaper
3D Hexagon Background for Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Wallpaper