Game of Thrones Wallpaper 12 of 20 – 9 Sigils Logo with GoT Background – This wallpaper is the #12 collection of all 20 Game of Thrones live wallpapers for PC. My newest stock of desktop background with a special theme. It’s featured with special Game of Thrones background and 9 house sigils Read more ›

Game of Thrones Wallpaper 11 of 20 – Sigils Logo with Color Background – Here are several famous house sigils on Game of Thrones. I use this picture as one of the live wallpaper collection of Game of Thrones for PC. Designed in modern style, this sigils logo is featured with colorful Read more ›

Alternative Desktop Background with Iron Man HD Wallpaper

Decorate your PC desktop background or laptop screen with this Iron Man wallpaper HD. One of the most favorite super hero character. This Iron Man wallpaper 3D is featured with an unique character picture of Iron Man in Avengers: Infinity Read more ›

Macro Photo 4K Wallpaper of White Flower in Close Up

Macro photos are great for designing a wallpaper. By using several tools including high quality camera, special lens and specific setting, you can take a picture to get a macro photo. Such as this one, an awesome view of white Read more ›

Beautiful Nature Wallpaper with HD Picture of Pink Dahlia Flowers in Garden

Customize your laptop screen with this beautiful nature wallpaper. A close up photo of dahlia flowers taken from the garden. Originally, this flower is native to Mexico and was declared the national flower of Mexico in 1963. There are 42 Read more ›

Acer Series Laptop Background with 3D Green Leaves

It’s a great to use a branded laptop background with it’s related brand background. Such as this one, a special laptop background for Acer Aspire series laptop. It’s a perfect choice wallpaper with green color. It’s featured with an animated Read more ›

Acer Laptop Background with Abstract Grayscale Lights

A grayscale is a kind of black-and-white or gray monochrome color. A grayscale image is one in which the value of each pixel is a single sample representing only an amount of light, that is, it carries only intensity information. Read more ›