20 High Resolution Elephant Pictures No. 10 – Family of Elephant in Nature

I share you this elephant pictures no 10 of 20 high resolution elephant photos. Featured with a good quality picture of elephant family. There are two calves and two adult elephants. In a herd of elephant, there are only females with their calves. Several stronger females become a matriarchal, an older, experienced lady elephant which leads the herd. Adult male elephants live a predominantly nomadic and solitary life. Adult male elephant will pursue an elephant family when ready to mate. Once he has mated with a female elephant, he’ll either return to his herd or resume his solitary existence, leaving the female elephant to rear the calf by herself.

Feel free to download this picture and collect for your private collection. You can also get more pictures of elephant by following below gallery of 20 elephant pictures:

20 High Resolution Elephant Pictures No 10 - Family of Elephant

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